Final 60 - Starring Frances Brennand Roper

Los Angeles, CA: ‘#Final60’, an 8 part mini-series is the first live scripted drama show on Periscope. Premiering on April 21st, 2016, each episode will be 7-8mins in length, shot in real time. 

This crime-thriller follows Detective Sean Foster as he investigates a series of deaths in Santa Monica, CA.  But, the clock is ticking, as he only has 60 minutes before the killer strikes again. 


SYNOPSIS: A young couple from Eastern Europe move to London in the hope of a fresh start. However the daily struggle to make ends meet in the grim surroundings of the East End threatens their relationship. Can their love survive?

CAST: Thomas Snowdon, Frances Brennand Roper, 
Tony Wadham, Gareth Baty, Andrew Jones 
and Hakan Turan.

                                           "NOT YOUR AVERAGE CYNDIRELLA"

NYAC is a New Web Series telling the miraculous tale of Naomie Cyndirella. Its about a young girl from France that's in international business school due to the wishes of her family (especially her mother), but wants to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Hollywood. She struggles with what she should do, but eventually goes against the wishes of her powerful mother to pursue her dreams. This story deals with the idea that life is much to short, so we must always do what we dream about and love.

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

a STUDIO 360 IMAGING original

Writer/Director/Producer: Scott Hebert
Producer: Sabrina J

Executive Producer: Ruth Girier-Dufourn


chug•ger [chuhg-er]
A freelance fundraiser who cajoles pedestrians into donating to charities.
After his run in with Ophelia, Dan heads to the pub seeking consolation from Karl and Tommo, his best friends and worst enemies...


Scene Directed By : Brad Barnes.
Cinematography : Eric O'Connor.
Produced By : Todd Barnes.
Bedazzled is a 2000 fantastic-comedy film remake of the 1967 film of the same name, originally written by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, which was itself a comic retelling of the Faust legend. 

                  "HOW TO DATE IN NYC"

How to date in New York City is a new web series that teaches YOU how to find dates in the Big Apple. Aren't you tired of lame date ideas? Aren't you sick of going to the MoMA only to find out that everyone like Tim Burton just as much as you and you're not really that unique? 

That's what we're here give you great date ideas. The love doctors view dating as a baseball game. We don't want you to settle for just a home run, we want you to get a home run with three guys on bases. We think that's called, like, a grand slam or something. At the very least, we want you to at least reach second base.


Frances' less than perfect date has rendered Frances useless. The love doctors fear no bad date and are on a conquest to make things right for Frances once again. In episode three, the doctors get Frances back on her feet using each of their own unique talents.


The Love Doctors had no luck trying to contact Frances. So they decide to find her in Union Square and remind her of a certain contract she signed a year ago to be part of a dating series. After being politely reminded of this fact, Frances decided to continue on with the show. 

Random men get interviewed to be candidates for Frances next date. And one man is the perfect match for Frances!


The "How to Date in NYC" series ends with its seventh installment in a series that critics have called "ahead of it's time". The last episode takes a look at Frances a year after her relationship with Ryan started. Has Frances found true love, or is this just the beginning of a major headache?  


Union Square is where love can form or fail. And Frances is here to test out if her ability to woo a man in one of the most delightful cities in the world is possible. With the help of five love doctors, Frances will try to tie the knot, starting with a date. First impressions are everything, so be on your best behavior when going on a date with a guy or gal. 

And remember for fashion...a skirt should always be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep things interesting. Kind of like a speech. Or something like that.


After a failed makeover the Love Doctors try their best to get a hold of Frances by e-mail, phone and even going to her house. Will the Love Doctors ever get a hold of Frances? Find out in Episode Four of How to Date in NYC!


Frances goes on her second date and tries to redeem her previous slip-ups. Will she be able to win the heart of her new hunk? Or will Frances screw-up her date in Central Park Zoo and grow old with 54 cats for life? Find out all this and more in the sixth installment of the nationally acclaimed series "How to Date in New York City".